Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trump & Twitter: Don't Delete ⛔️, Stop ❤️s & Retweet 🔃

The President of our country is now threatening war on Twitter weekly and it's scary as hell! 
I get the dilemma: Twitter thinks it's doing a public service by providing direct access to the news worthy leader of our country; 45's critics say it's an abuse of the platform.

Solution: Let him tweet (so we have the record for history, for Mueller, and for monitoring) but stop the spread of his tweets by cutting off the ability for him to get ❤️s and retweets.

This compromise allows him to go on record but not use Twitter to spread the threats/war speech.

It's hard to believe Chief of Staff Kelly, FLOTUS (with her anti-bullying campaign) and his children have yet to stop this destructive habit but since they haven't we need to patch together a fix that will stop the spread while keeping an eye on what we need to know as a nation.

Note: Probably good idea for him not to be able to retweet any non-verified accounts as well but let's start with baby-steps.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Will Mark & Jack Cause WWIII? or Save US From It?

We were cyber attacked by Russia during the 2016 election and it's not OK. I mean it's really really not OK. And the astonishing thing is Russia shot a weapon at the U.S. and we're going to let them reload for 2018 like there is nothing we can do about it.

There is!

We need to demand that Facebook and Twitter either get their services under control or take them offline and shut them down while any and all voting is taking place in our country. We don't let this type of sabotage and not only false advertising but blanket foreign propaganda on our airways we can not allow it on our other media platforms as well.

I'm no tech expert but there must be a way to block IP addresses that spam, unleash bots, or are found to be connected with nefarious foreign sources. Start a volunteer bot-army brigade that provides the company with suspected violators- I'm sure your communities would step up to help. Or just spit-balling about asking Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney to head bi-partisan group to work with both the government and Silicon Valley to unite behind American Commission on Cyber Safety.

We now have Russia sitting back and relishing Trump starting tough talk with other nations. Who knows how far this will go? Are we going to let our enemies use our own technology against us?

I am a huge fan of Twitter and before they screwed with my feed (another rant for another day) loved Facebook as well. I dare say they have been two of the best inventions of our time. But with great power comes great responsibility and these two brilliant guys need to know their country needs them to put our nation's sovereignty and well being before their shareholders and even their customers. 

Tech-war could start a real war and there is no like-ing our way back from all the loss of life, treasure, and progress this will cause. I'm calling on Mark and Jack to step up and stand up for their companies to stop aiding and abetting our enemies.

Come one guys, I know you want to do good in the world - now's your time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Donny Saves The Dems!

Bill Maher has been making the point for years that Democrats need better messaging. Dan Savage summarizes it perfectly in above clip and in his recent interview with Katie Couric (@ 47:30) reinforces the point... wording is the key to Democrats swaying "reachable" voters.

Democrats need to have clear concise messaging that all of them can get behind:

Universal Healthcare vs Single Payer
Earned Benefits vs Entitlements
Marriage Equality vs Gay Marriage
Estate Tax vs Death Tax

People don't want to be forced to think about: paying, giving entitlements, gay sex, and taking away a widow's money. Don't even get me started on Global Warming! But Americans do want: healthcare, benefits, equality, and for the uber wealthy to pay their share.

But who can lead the country to this new wave of power-packed words as political weapons?

As much as I love Dan Savage (Bill Maher too) and as much as we need them to come along we need someone a tad less crude to lead this parade... so I nominate Donny Deutsch!

Donny lead an advertising company, is politically savvy, hates what #45 is doing to the country, and loves a BIG IDEA.

I envision a think-tank type environment [ for now we'll call it: Word D Institute ] that brings together political minds, artists, creatives, social justice activists, and marketing mavens to create simple clear one page, one theme, one soundbite (with talking points) messages.

Unseating Trump is not a strategy that can be banked upon, but getting prepared to focus the conversation, seeding the way, and getting excited for '18 needs to be where all the energy goes.

Donny are you in?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Pence Stake

Mueller might take too long and there are threats of a revolt and violence if Congress makes a move to impeach... so now there is only one clear path to getting 45 to go and that is by making Republicans do it themselves. 

And the only way they will is to tie them to him and have them firmly stake their future on his.

Mike Pence is a constitutional officer who has sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He was the head of the Trump transition team, has a security clearance, gets regular briefings, talks to the president daily, and I'm assuming also has a TV, internet access, and a subscription to a paper or two. If he doesn't know what's going on at this point, he can't claim himself commanding enough to lead our country at any time in the future.  

Therefore, it is now time to demand that Vice President Pence either get Donald Trump to step down or stake his own personal reputation and future to Trump's. He has more access to knowledge, intelligence, and occasions to observe 45's erratic behavior then almost anyone and it is literally his job to step up if the president is not capable of commanding the country. Every reporter should ask:
Is Trump physically, mentally, and morally up to leading our nation? 
Yes or no?

The follow up:
If President Trump is ever found to have committed crimes or enrichment against U.S. interests will you stand behind Mueller's findings and commit to not pardoning his behavior and let all consequences stand?
If he wants to stand there with all the smoke swirling around Trump, his campaign, his business profiteering, and his policy making then Pence must stake his honor firmly and unwaveringly.

Pence has a rule he will not be in a room alone with a woman who is not his wife, he should have as high of standards to not serve a man who is this corrupt, dangerous, dividing and damaging to our nation. Let's get him on the record now and clearly.

He's either a man of honor or of complacency; it's time to make him choose which.


Note: We need same 1st question asked of all Cabinet Secretaries with follow up: 
If President Trump is ever found to have committed crimes or enrichment against U.S. interests will you seek to rally and get behind a 25th Amendment remedy? 

09.18.2017 Update: 

This sums up Pence issue clearly. He knows Trump is ill-equipped to run the country but pretends he doesn't which is not only fraudulently authentic it is a danger to our country:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beyond Complicit Ivanka Is Now Explicit

The SNL sketch was biting and brilliant but already too mild for what is currently underway at the White House. Ivanka has been given mostly a pass because she seemed polished and polite and by golly who can fault a daughter for supporting her dear old dad?

Not anymore!

The First Daughter it turns out has been participating in some shady business deals connected with her father for years. And as smoothly as her introduction speech went at the RNC it is time to stop giving her a pass. She has now stepped literally and figuratively into this administration, with or without a title, and is now directly linked to this presidency.

Today she is beyond passively complicit, her participation is now clearly explicit.
stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt
synonyms:clear, plain, straightforward, crystal clear, easily understandable
There is no longer any doubt where she stands and what power she has to influence her father. As if her husband's appointment wasn't enough, going forward they will not be able to simply brush off the ties to whatever policies and predicaments he now inflicts in his path.

There is still a small chance that she is jumping in to try and right this ship before it ruins our country and what's left of her name. We can give her an opening to try. But unless it's swift, transparent, and in the service of all Americans she will be giving up any leeway she has been given. 

Country before party, profits, and paternal loyalty. We need a hero... and our climate, our healthcare, and our peace at home and abroad all depend on someone reining in this ridiculous circus before irreparable harm is done.  

Congratulations Ivanka, with your shiny new security clearance and West Wing office you now have no plausible deniability for whatever #45 gets the citizens of the U.S. and the world into. Please ask yourself how you will want your daughter (and sons) to feel about what you and her father enable her grandfather to do to our country.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Making Trump Great: Unite The OWL Council

I am not fan of Donald Trump and was less than thrilled he is our new president... BUT, after my pity-party and reading this tweet:

it struck me that the lesson and the legacy Obama instilled in us is to have HOPE. So in that vain I offer up The OWL Council (or The OWLs).

Two of the things that President Trump will have going for him is that he loves building and also loves entertaining and being around celebrities and people of importance. So let's expand on Uncle Rush's advice and surround him with the wisest, deepest, most honorable bench of advisors.

Since his win many have tweeted (yes, the times we live in) words of conciliatory congratulations, and although few leaders are brave enough he could do as one of our all time greatest presidents Lincoln did and surround himself with a Team of Rivals.

The OWLs would be a group of Omnes* World Leaders that would be assembled, say monthly, to offer President Trump a full range of views on important governing issues. Include the greatest experts on leadership and other specific topics (the economy, trade, business, education, climate) and have differing views discuss all points of debate with him. He would make the policy but would have a plethora of arguments flushed out instead of relying on only his cabinet and those who would seek to merely serve him.

The one thing Trump would like to do is succeed and be the greatest president ever. He is in office because people are tired of politicians same old way of doing business. Dividing our country further will serve no good for our country nor our citizens. We must give him this final opportunity to bring us together before we permanently end what makes us the UNITED States of America.

I have many other thoughts on how to expand this idea, so as a patriotic citizen I offer my help to make President Trump's dream come true and make this country as great as it can possibly be.

(*Latin: for all) 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

💡Could The Next BIG Thing Be... a small Square?!

Square has taken on the payments industry in the last few years and done really well bringing simple money-exchange hardware and software to the masses. I applaud them! Yet with mobile payment options like Apple Pay, and whatever will follow on other formats, it might be time to think differently (so to speak).

Jack Dorsey has already shown the mighty power of mini-messages and mobile-money--
so isn't it time to revolutionize mini-money too?

Just a couple of uses: let's say I love Wikipedia and after I use it I would like to leave a $1 to support their efforts-- I could hit the Square button, indicate an amount and voila! Or what if I would like to read some articles in the Times but have hit a paywall and can't afford a yearly subscription :(  Hit Square and I have 5 credits I can use to read on.

The uses are endless: buying items from Twitter, pitching in for birthday gifts on Facebook, charitable donating during crisis, supporting writers, musicians & artists on their site or channel...

When I use my I-Pass (on Illinois tollroads) I have an auto replenish linked to my credit card and they process $.30- $3 tolls all day long. There might be some technical and scale issues involved to process such small payments but they could be overcome by maybe having a $10 account balance minimum to pay or collect payments.

There are other online payment forms but none set up to go BIG on going small and as recognizable and credible as Square. Not only could they bring about a new way of money exchange, they could possibly save struggling journalism, entertainment, and political funding as we know it.
Go BIG, Go small :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creating 2015!

Wishing YOU a fabulous 2015! Hope this helps to create your Best Year Ever :)