Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Immigration Reform: Building on America's Greatness! 🇺🇸

via: CNN

People like a good theme- something catchy and simple- like: Build the Wall!

Not sure who came up with the phrase that is chanted at every Trump rally, although it does have a Roger Stone whiff to it. But I digress... the point is that even though immigration was THE topic of the 2016 campaign and the hot topic of 2018 it is not something that has surged to the point most experts are concerned. And the Central American "flood" is balanced by fewer Mexican immigrants coming here to stay. 

Today the costs are almost the least to be concerned over-- what's at stake now is whether we stay united as a country or as latest Twitter trending meme alludes to start a #SecondCivilWar?!

Since something clearly needs to be done and while I don't have a perfect solution a few things seem obvious, non-partisan and doable so let's at least start building on America's Greatness*:

  1. Family Separation: Stop separating families and reunite ones that already have been. Only deport folks if their children have been located and are able to travel back with them to a safe drop point.
  2. Registering: Register all immigrants with reason for entry and asylum request when applicable. Finger print and ID everyone as way to help prevent smuggling/sex trafficking of minors/women.  
  3. Freedom Anklet: Release family as unit with one person per family agreeing to wear an ankle monitor. (Yes, I understand this is degrading and it is not my preference as well but better than separating families and also quashes the reason not to allow entry while in process). Intensive Supervision Appearance Program already has protocols in place. 
    • This keeps families together and children with parents.
    • Savings: ~$5/person/day vs. $300. Should be easy for Rs to support.
    • If they break rules of monitoring then are permanently banned from US.
    • The anklets can be different color- lets say gold or rwb- vs criminal black ones to signify awaiting immigration status so as to be a bit less stigmatizing.
  4. Guest Worker: Finally establish a guest worker program where compromise is needed.
    • Criminalize all employers who willfully break laws.
    • Allow folks to travel back and forth as long as they are following rules.
  5. Home Sanctuary: Instead of the super controversial and unsustainable sanctuary cities in the US, establish sanctuary zones in the countries of origin so folks are not fleeing the violence of their preferred home.
    • Take the $750 million in development aid for Central America (Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) and establish safe zones in the countries so their citizens do not feel need to flee for their safety. 
    • Not necessarily a military-led base but create a full package that would include economic opportunities, education, military security zones, and infrastructure support for struggling areas.
    • No cooperation, no aid.
Immigration is a tough problem to completely solve but we are dividing ourselves as a nation when we should be protecting our borders and laws while showing we are still a melting pot that welcomes those who are willing and able to keep Building on America's Greatness 

* 🇺🇸 Granted way less catchy, but way more humane, hopeful, and American!