Thursday, July 16, 2020

Got the Balls to #MaskUp?!

We are in mid-July and we've got 60K+ new cases of COVID-19 per day, over 138,000 Americans dead and a stalled economy where people are debating whether to send their children to school mere weeks from now.

What do we need now? And I mean immediately! We need everyone to wear a mask to stop the spread. All the other countries that have this under control did massive testing, tracing and were on top of their healthcare systems... we are clearly not following that path in our government at this time so the other option is to save ourselves. 

Mask wearing can stop the spread and help us get things on track. If we don't do it soon we will have given up another 6 months to a year of our lives and our economy- not to mention countless lives. It's a no-brainer. But we need to have the balls to do it!

And by balls I mean both kinds. 

⚽️        🏀        ⚾️         đŸˆ        đŸŽŸ          

This week Salesforce's Marc Benioff teamed up with XPRIZE to create the $1M Next-Gen Mask Challenge. This is fantastic but we can also work with the masks we have and just get people to start wearing them. Because at this point the non-maskers aren't choosing between comfort and not but about believing they can make a difference and not.
NBA News
So my suggestion is to get all the major sports stars to do a social media post with masked photo:
Hey folks you want to see us play this year or next? #MaskUp đŸ˜·

Include Nascar: Winners #MaskUp đŸ... and every other sport as well! 
I'm looking at you PGA, NHL and newcomer E-sports 😉

The cool-factor with teens, men, and the politically stubborn is the only thing stopping us from getting this handled. So it's going to take balls to be a little hot, little inconvenienced, little silly looking to save your fellow citizens but we need to all do this together.

Of course let's involve anyone with a platform but two other important groups to call upon:

1) Military: Have PSA with military members saying: 
If we can fight for you on the battlefield you can protect each other from this killer on home soil. #MaskUp đŸ˜·
People say they respect the troops this gives them a small way to repay our debt for all they have done to save us.

2) Avengers: Get all the Marvel superhero stars to activate their super loyal fans:
Avengers save lives đŸŠžđŸŠč‍♂️ YOUR turn! #MaskUp đŸ˜·

This can all be launched August 1 (or ASAP) and we can have things semi-normal by September if we all pitch together and simply wear a mask. For months we were told we should stay indoors to flatten the curve and most were willing to do that. Now we can be outside and with others if we simply mask up and follow the other basic precautions. 

For those who want to get our economy moving- #MaskUp

For those concerned about elderly parents or at risk loved ones- #MaskUp

For those concerned about getting kids back in school- #MaskUp

And for those wanting to make a deadly virus political- there is nothing more presidential that Trump can do than to be able to say he stopped the pandemic so MAGAs- #MaskUp 

Stay safe folks, and if you care about your family, sports, movies, our military and for goodness sake simply each other     #MaskUp đŸ˜·


Found these 2 excellent examples right after I posted this (no connection). Go Michigan!