Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beyond Complicit Ivanka Is Now Explicit

The SNL sketch was biting and brilliant but already too mild for what is currently underway at the White House. Ivanka has been given mostly a pass because she seemed polished and polite and by golly who can fault a daughter for supporting her dear old dad?

Not anymore!

The First Daughter it turns out has been participating in some shady business deals connected with her father for years. And as smoothly as her introduction speech went at the RNC it is time to stop giving her a pass. She has now stepped literally and figuratively into this administration, with or without a title, and is now directly linked to this presidency.

Today she is beyond passively complicit, her participation is now clearly explicit.
stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt
synonyms:clear, plain, straightforward, crystal clear, easily understandable
There is no longer any doubt where she stands and what power she has to influence her father. As if her husband's appointment wasn't enough, going forward they will not be able to simply brush off the ties to whatever policies and predicaments he now inflicts in his path.

There is still a small chance that she is jumping in to try and right this ship before it ruins our country and what's left of her name. We can give her an opening to try. But unless it's swift, transparent, and in the service of all Americans she will be giving up any leeway she has been given. 

Country before party, profits, and paternal loyalty. We need a hero... and our climate, our healthcare, and our peace at home and abroad all depend on someone reining in this ridiculous circus before irreparable harm is done.  

Congratulations Ivanka, with your shiny new security clearance and West Wing office you now have no plausible deniability for whatever #45 gets the citizens of the U.S. and the world into. Please ask yourself how you will want your daughter (and sons) to feel about what you and her father enable her grandfather to do to our country.