Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Putin Puzzle

Pride and greed. It's not really a puzzle to understand why Putin feels slighted and wants revenge on our country. It's simple and basic...

To understand why Putin came after Clinton and the U.S. election go back to the humiliation he felt when the U.S. bested the Soviet Union. Frontline did a very good 2-part series that lays out his motives: Putin's Revenge.

And when you understand the reason for his anger then add in the fear he has being overthrown by outsiders (or his own people) and why he is hoarding billions so he can not only wield power but have the means and loyalists who will help him if he is threatened.

Stayed Tuned with Preet has a great interview with Bill Browder about Sergei Magnitsky that is chilling and completes the picture. It ties in with the Trump Jr. meeting to complete the full circle of why Putin wanted Trump in office and what he was hoping to gain: money, destroying the U.S. political system, returning Soviet/Russian pride to his homeland, and removing the barricades that stop the oligarchs from getting their fortunes out of Russia.

Putin and his minions have pulled off one of the great threats to our national sovereignty and he didn't need to declare war just simply meddle in our election and then sit back and watch us take each other down.

It's like we are living in a overly dramatic spy novel and yet here we are. Fascinating, captivating and terrifyingly still on-going. If you are an patriotic citizen please watch and listen to these stories. No matter what party you belong to it's imperative to know what we are facing as a nation and why we need more from our leaders then partisan bickering. We need to see what Putin is doing and what is at stake if we don't pull together to fight his attacks on our democracy.