Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Donny Saves The Dems!

Bill Maher has been making the point for years that Democrats need better messaging. Dan Savage summarizes it perfectly in above clip and in his recent interview with Katie Couric (@ 47:30) reinforces the point... wording is the key to Democrats swaying "reachable" voters.

Democrats need to have clear concise messaging that all of them can get behind:

Universal Healthcare vs Single Payer
Earned Benefits vs Entitlements
Marriage Equality vs Gay Marriage
Estate Tax vs Death Tax

People don't want to be forced to think about: paying, giving entitlements, gay sex, and taking away a widow's money. Don't even get me started on Global Warming! But Americans do want: healthcare, benefits, equality, and for the uber wealthy to pay their share.

But who can lead the country to this new wave of power-packed words as political weapons?

As much as I love Dan Savage (Bill Maher too) and as much as we need them to come along we need someone a tad less crude to lead this parade... so I nominate Donny Deutsch!

Donny lead an advertising company, is politically savvy, hates what #45 is doing to the country, and loves a BIG IDEA.

I envision a think-tank type environment [ for now we'll call it: Word D Institute ] that brings together political minds, artists, creatives, social justice activists, and marketing mavens to create simple clear one page, one theme, one soundbite (with talking points) messages.

Unseating Trump is not a strategy that can be banked upon, but getting prepared to focus the conversation, seeding the way, and getting excited for '18 needs to be where all the energy goes.

Donny are you in?