Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trump & Twitter: Don't Delete ⛔️, Stop ❤️s & Retweet 🔃

The President of our country is now threatening war on Twitter weekly and it's scary as hell! 
I get the dilemma: Twitter thinks it's doing a public service by providing direct access to the news worthy leader of our country; 45's critics say it's an abuse of the platform.

Solution: Let him tweet (so we have the record for history, for Mueller, and for monitoring) but stop the spread of his tweets by cutting off the ability for him to get ❤️s and retweets.

This compromise allows him to go on record but not use Twitter to spread the threats/war speech.

It's hard to believe Chief of Staff Kelly, FLOTUS (with her anti-bullying campaign) and his children have yet to stop this destructive habit but since they haven't we need to patch together a fix that will stop the spread while keeping an eye on what we need to know as a nation.

Note: Probably good idea for him not to be able to retweet any non-verified accounts as well but let's start with baby-steps.